Our Richmond Clinic has been undergoing a makeover over the last few months. We now have an updated sign (shown in the photo above), a repainted exterior in a gorgeous blue to help our patients and prospective patients identify us, and our logo added to the side of the building.

We’re so grateful to H. J. Holtz & Son, Inc., who donated the paint, supplies, and labor to this project, including the template for and painting of our logo. Rick Holtz explains, “I have the utmost respect for CrossOver’s mission and I wanted to help you all transform your office so it was a place your patients were proud to visit.”

The transformation is astonishing! Our Richmond Clinic manager Eleanor Sanchez said that a patient reported driving right past the clinic on the way to her appointment because the building looked so different. “We are so excited that the exterior of our Richmond Clinic now reflects the quality and dignity of the care provided inside,” says Julie Bilodeau, CrossOver CEO. “Thank you so much to Rick and H. J. Holtz & Son, Inc.!”

Check out some before, during, and after photos below!