Over the past year, while our team has responded with creativity and commitment to the needs presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have also continued providing the excellent, comprehensive care our patients count on. In addition, we are delighted to share that we have been expanding care coordination at CrossOver through the creation of three new positions.

Brady Garrison, our high-risk dental care coordinator, provides care coordination and oral health education to high risk patients including patients with diabetes, OB patients, pediatrics patients, and patients in our HIV/AIDS care program. He is also working to enhance clinic protocols to improve the integration between our medical and dental clinic. The high-risk dental care coordinator position is funded by a grant from Dental Dental of Virginia Foundation, and Brady’s work was recently featured in this story on their website.

CrossOver team member Eleanor Sanchez has recently been named as our new pediatric care coordinator. Eleanor’s work will tie together all services and resources available to our pediatrics patients, including primary care, vaccinations, social work case management, vision and dental. This position is funded by a grant from the Memorial Foundation for Children.

Finally, we are currently hiring for our new bilingual behavioral health care coordinator position. You can view the job posting here. The behavioral health care coordinator will connect our primary care patients to behavioral health services and will focus on behavioral health through a racial and ethnic equity lens. This position is a collaboration between the Bob and Anna Lou Schaberg Foundation, Richmond Memorial Health Foundation, and the Robins Foundation.

“All of these programs help to ensure that patients receive the care they need in a timely manner,” says Valerie Murphy, grants manager, who has been instrumental in envisioning these programs and securing funding to support them. “Care coordination is the thread pulling together all of CrossOver’s programs and linking patients to all appropriate CrossOver services. These positions also help to relieve some of the administrative duties of clinicians, allowing more patients to be seen and reducing patient wait times.”

“At CrossOver we try to always be looking toward how we can improve the care we’re offering to our neighbors,” says Julie Bilodeau, CrossOver CEO. “Care coordination is allowing us to take patient care to the next level.”