Dear friends,
We’re so excited to share our annual report with you. Inside, among the ever-important patient counts and fiscal stats, you’ll find many beautiful photos taken earlier this year. We were delighted to have Amanda Baier-Miles photograph our Richmond and Henrico Clinics in action. We knew her work would help capture the intensity of this time as well as the extraordinary care being extended to our neighbors, thanks to your support.
During her visit, Amanda had an opportunity to speak with Dr. Vivian Bruzzese, director of HIV programs. Amanda told Dr. Bruzzese that some years ago, her father-in-law, Mr. Mark Miles, was a CrossOver patient. Mr. Miles was so grateful for the care he received at CrossOver, Amanda told Dr. Bruzzese. He felt known and valued here—so much so that it was a powerful experience for his entire family.
When Amanda sent her photos, we were so moved by them. We were also moved by her invoice, which showed that she was donating her time and the photographs “in memory of Mr. Mark Miles, patient lovingly cared for at CrossOver.”
These photos capture so many beautiful stories of compassionate care at CrossOver amid COVID-19. But behind the photos is another story—a story of a family sustained by the care their loved one received here. It’s only your unwavering support that makes stories like Mr. Miles’s possible.
Click here to see the full report—you’ll be glad you did. Thank you so much for your support of compassionate healthcare.
Julie Bilodeau, CEO