A Q&A with Becca Wethered, community engagement manager

Q: What is it like to volunteer at CrossOver?

A: Volunteering at CrossOver can look like many things, from seeing patients directly in exam rooms as a volunteer nurse, provider, scribe, or interpreter, to helping individuals become new patients, to answering questions at the front desk, to handwriting notes with the development team and more. We strive for all of our volunteers to experience CrossOver as a community that cares about them and the patients we serve. CrossOver brings together community members from many fields who are passionate about our mission to serve those most in need.

Q: Why are volunteers so important at CrossOver?

A: Much of our direct care to patients is given by volunteers, and we simply couldn’t serve the numbers of people we serve without them. Last year, over 400 volunteers gave 27,000 hours of compassionate service. In addition to caring for our patients directly, our volunteers’ work inspires our staff, donors, and wider community to continue their care for those most in need.

Q: How has COVID-19 affected CrossOver volunteers?

A: We have implemented many protective measures to minimize the risk of spreading the virus at our clinics, including implementing telehealth to provide phone and video medical appointments to patients. Additionally, volunteers age 65 and older have been asked to not volunteer in the clinics at this time due to their increased risk. With colleges closed, student interns are home as well. We greatly miss the constant flow of so many volunteers in the clinic. We’re thankful for those who have been able to continue coming in, volunteer remotely, make a donation to CrossOver, or send words of encouragement. We very much look forward to being back together in the future, working side by side in serving our patients.

Q: How can I get involved in CrossOver’s volunteer program?

A: While we are currently trying to limit the number of persons in our clinics to do our part to reduce the spread of COVID-19, there are still many opportunities to support CrossOver, including remote projects, making phone calls to patients and volunteers, sewing masks, sharing our social media posts, and donating to support our work. To learn more, email Becca Wethered, community engagement manager, at bwethered@crossoverministry.org.

Becca Wethered has been involved with CrossOver for almost two years, first working as a bilingual vision assistant and now as the community engagement manager. She focuses on managing the volunteer program, aiding the development team with special events and volunteer committees, and serving as the point of contact for CrossOver’s community outreach efforts. Becca loves working with so many talented and passionate volunteers and employees who support CrossOver’s mission in the Richmond community.