April 18–24 is National Volunteer Week! At CrossOver, we are thankful for our volunteers every week of the year. We simply couldn’t do what we do without them. In fiscal year 2020, 376 volunteers gave over 22,000 hours of their time to CrossOver. Volunteers serve in all areas, from administrative support to patient care, from conference rooms to exam rooms, in-person and virtually. As a result, it’s possible for a patient to come to an appointment and be cared for entirely by volunteers beginning at the front desk and continuing with the nurses and clinicians who care for them. This is why we always say it: volunteers are the hands and feet of compassionate healthcare.

The words in the image above were provided by our staff when asked to describe CrossOver volunteers. We’re looking forward to celebrating our volunteers in our clinics all week. If you’d also like to thank our volunteers, reply to this email with your note of support, and we’ll share it with our volunteer team!

Interested in volunteering at CrossOver? Visit our website to learn more, or email Rachel Yowell, volunteer manager, at ryowell@crossoverministry.org. Are you a CrossOver volunteer who has hit pause on volunteering because of the pandemic? We miss you! If you’re considering returning, reach out to Rachel to discuss your plans to return. We look forward to welcoming you back!

“Volunteers increase our capacity to offer services to our community. Without volunteers, we could only provide care to a fraction of the patients we currently serve. During the pandemic, our volunteers have made it possible to offer COVID-19 testing and to ramp up our vaccination clinics.

“Our volunteers give of their time so generously, and their commitment is a constant encouragement to employees and patients.”

– Julie Bilodeau, CrossOver CEO


“CrossOver’s volunteers make it possible for more people in need to get the support that they need for their health and the flourishing of their family. Volunteers inspire our employed team day in and day out by their devotion and sacrifice. They are a visible demonstration of God’s grace and sacrificial love in action.”

– Mike Murchie, MD, Medical Director




“CrossOver would not exist without volunteers. They are the lifeline and heartbeat of what we do. Volunteers are motivated by compassion to serve selflessly. It’s inspiring!”


-Rachel Yowell, Volunteer Manager