Holiday Families Gifts 1Over two months ago, we began asking our volunteers, staff, donors, neighbors, and friends to consider sponsoring one of our CrossOver families for the holidays. Meanwhile, CrossOver patients who needed some extra support during this season signed up to receive a sponsor. Our fabulous social work team collected wish lists and matched families with sponsors, and everyone worked together to prepare for this week.
This past Tuesday, over 100 sponsors dropped off gifts at CrossOver, and our social work team carefully logged and labeled gifts to be sure they would make their way to the correct family. Meanwhile, the word began to spread among the volunteers and staff at the clinic: “Did you see the gift room?” “Looks like Santa came!” Your generosity was overwhelming—an encouragement not only to our patients, but to our staff and volunteers as well.
On Wednesday and Thursday, our CrossOver families came to receive their gifts. Our social work team again worked miracles, sending families home with extra holiday cheer in the form of pots and pans, bedding and clothing, toys and games, bicycles, gift cards, and more.
As usual, none of this would be possible without you. Thank you for the many ways you deck the halls of CrossOver—and of our CrossOver families’ homes—with holiday cheer. The generosity, warmth, and goodwill of the season is in abundant supply here, and we are grateful.
Blessings on you and yours for the season!