Programs & Services

Medical Care: Family Practice and Specialty Services

CrossOver offers a full array of medical services in a patient centered medical home, including primary care, dental, vision, HIV diagnosis and treatment, specialty care and in-patient care.  Last year CrossOver treated more than 7,000 patients.  Because 70% of patients suffer from at least one chronic disease (diabetes, hypertension, COPD, asthma), chronic disease management is a key focus.  CrossOver provides a medical home for our patients.  For example, a diabetic patient at CrossOver will receive primary care, dental care, annual eye and foot exams, pneumococcal vaccine, glucometer, test strips, medications, nutrition counseling and mental health services.  All services are provided at the same place--their medical home. Our team approach, coupled with the breadth of services, allows our patients to successfully manage complex diseases.  With 19-subspecliaties like orthopaedics and cardiology we are able to offer a full range of care.

Dental and Vision

As a medical home for our patients, CrossOver also offers dental and vision care.

The CrossOver Dental Program* provides cost effective care by utilizing volunteers to provide the majority of our dental services.  CrossOver relied on the dedication of 25 volunteer dentists who provided more than 1,000 hours of service last year.  With the help of our volunteers, the CrossOver Dental Program offers an array of dental services to our patients, including:
Preventative: Cleanings, Patient education, Screenings
Restorative: Fillings, Extractions

CrossOver’s dental program collaborates with our pharmacists and primary care providers to help patients better understand the connection between oral health and their overall health.  This year, with the addition of electronic health records and digital radiography this integration is becoming more seamless than ever.

*At this time,  dental services are only available to CrossOver medical patients who have met eligibility requirements.

Our Vision program was designed by CrossOver Healthcare Ministry in collaboration with the Virginia Eye Institute and the MEDARVA Healthcare (formerly Richmond Eye and Ear Center) in 2010. Our vision teams sees patients from CrossOver as well as five other medical safety-net providers.  Last year, we served patients from more than 20 cities and counties around Richmond, with the majority coming from Henrico County, Richmond City, and Chesterfield County, respectively. 

CrossOver vision patients receive a complete eye exam including retinal screenings, refractions, and visual field exams.  If these routine exams reveal abnormalities, the patient will be referred to specialists for treatment. For patients needing corrective lenses, we currently are able to provide vouchers for glasses at Lens Crafters and Virginia Eye Institute.

Full HIV/AIDS Care

Led by Dr. Vivian Bruzzese, CrossOver is the only free clinic in Richmond to offer full spectrum HIV/AIDS care.  With advances in treatments, most HIV patients can lead normal, productive lives. Without proper care and medications, they can face a host of medical problems.  We are able to provide this care through The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program. Approved by congress in 1990, this program is designed to help patients who do not have sufficient healthcare coverage or financial resources to cope with HIV disease.

Rapid Confidential HIV testing is now available on a walk-in basis to both patients and non-patients at both the Cowardin and Quioccasin  locations.  We can provide 500 tests per year, Monday through Friday, from 9AM--4PM (after hours testing are available on certain dates). Call 804-233-5016 ext. 130 for further information. 

Community Pharmacy

CrossOver is the only free clinic in the Richmond Area with a licensed pharmacy on-site.  Currently, the pharmacy receives medications from seven pharmaceutical companies:  Glaxo Smith Kline, Pfizer, Novartis, Abbvie, Merck, Alcon and Astra Zeneca.  Medications are free and provided through RxPartnership and AZ&Me.  Medications are dispensed to CrossOver patients as well as patients at the Fan Free Clinic, the Richmond Center for High Blood Pressure, the Free Clinic of Powhatan, Bon Secours Care-A-Van and St. Joseph’s Outreach Clinic.  Medications are couriered from the Community Pharmacy to other free clinics by the Bon Secours Health System lab couriers.  The Community Pharmacy requires a minimum contribution of $4 per prescription.  At the discretion of the pharmacy, waivers may be given some patients based on their financial screening.  There are no paid pharmacists in this program; rather there is a large group of volunteer pharmacists.  Over the past twelve months, CrossOver has distributed over $7 Million in medications.


Lay Health Promoter Program

The Lay Health Promoter (LHP) program was initiated in 1994 to promote wellness by empowering community volunteers with health knowledge which in turn they impart to others. This innovative, award-winning program recognizes that lack of health knowledge leads to chronic illness, life-threatening complications and unnecessary, early death and seeks to help people take greater control over their health and their lives.  The LHP program focuses on prevention of disease and complications related to chronic illness, recognition of early warning signs of illness, and accessing and navigating resources that are available for the low-income and the uninsured.  The course is 40 instructional hours (over 10 weeks), and is offered in English & Spanish without charge.  The program is hosted in partnership with various churches and community centers throughout the Richmond Metropolitan Area.  Additionally, two classes are taught a year to residents of the Richmond City Justice Center.  In its 20 year history the program has graduated 1,517 Lay Health Promoters who have provided over 127,000 documented health education visits to their families, friends and neighbors resulting in many healthier lives!  For more information, please call 422-2600 ext. 130 or email


Mental Health/Counseling

A large percentage of free clinic patients have mental health concerns.  At CrossOver, we strive to help these patients by offering mental health services.  CrossOver has one staff counselor as well as volunteer psychiatrists, counselors and social workers that assist patients in managing their mental health needs.  CrossOver also has an on-site Alcoholics Anonymous support group that meets every Monday at our Cowardin location to help those in recovery.  We also have access to a variety of mental health medications through our on-site pharmacy.

Social Work

Many of our patients face struggles in life beyond access to healthcare.  In 2012 CrossOver began a full time social work program.  Our staff social worker, along with dedicated interns and volunteers, connect our patients to other services in the community, such as food banks, legal aid and housing assistance.


Women's Health/OB

At CrossOver, 70% of our patients are women.  For these women, we offer the full array of services to help them maintain their health.  we offer full annual exams, including referrals for mammograms, which the hospitals donate.  We are the only free clinic to offer both the Every Women's Life Program & Wise Woman, which offer additional services for some high risk groups of women. 

In early 2004, our clinicians started hearing that some pregnant women could not get access to prenatal care.  The first time they saw an OB was when they went to the Emergency Room in active labor.  For this reason, CrossOver started the Healthy Homes program in 2004.  Since then, more than 1000 healthy babies have been born.  This program, offered in collaboration with VCU Medical Center, offers full prenatal testing, registration with WIC, OB care, L&D tours and education classes.  The babies are born at VCU Medical Center, and the mothers return to CrossOver for post-partum visits and family planning services.


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