On this page, you will find useful videos and guides on how to use the EHR (eClinicalWorks or eCW) at CrossOver Healthcare Ministry.

These videos are intended to be an overview of how to use our EHR system.


To access eCW web version, click here. 

For the best quality, set your resolution to 1600×900. To do this, go to Start in the bottom left corner of your screen, click Settings, click System, then scroll down to Display Resolution.

1 – Template Setup (7 mins)

This video reviews adding the templates you will need to use to your progress notes.

2 – Schedule, Histories, Examination (28 mins)

This video reviews how to view your schedule for the day, how to load a chart, and how to document: HPI, social history, family history, allergies, medication review, vitals, and physical exam.

3 – Assessment (11 mins)

This video reviews how to place ICD-10 codes and your assessment.

4 – Ordering Labs, Imaging, and Referrals (17 mins)

This video reviews ordering labs, DI (Diagnostic Imaging), and referrals.

5 – Ordering Medications (20 mins)

This video reviews how to document and order medications.

6 – Checkout Process (11 mins)

This video reviews the checkout process and completing your notes.

7 – Pediatrics Only (15 mins)

This video reviews the procedure for documenting pediatric wellness visits.