A safety net after a fall

Juan, a hardworking husband and father, was providing for his family working as a roofer. Then, in 2011, he lost his balance and fell two stories to the concrete sidewalk. He was rushed to the hospital with injuries to his brain, spine, neck and liver. Juan pulled through, but he was left unable to work.

On top of his severe injuries and the loss of his income, Juan was uninsured.   Luckily, through the partnerships we have with the local hospital systems, Juan immediately became a CrossOver patient upon his discharge from the hospital.

Juan needed many of CrossOver’s services. His traumatic brain injury led to audio and visual hallucinations as well as severe depression. The accident challenged his identity as a provider for his family, leading to feelings of powerlessness and a very real concern for survival. He also struggled with a crisis of faith, wondering “Why me?” “Why did this happen to me?”

Regular attendance to medical appointments with staff providers helped to manage his physical problems. Counseling focused on helping him find the strength to cope with this major life change and rebuild his self-image.  Participation in the social work program enabled him to manage the financial needs of his family by reducing the burden of frequent medical visits and medication costs. The vision program helped him with his eyesight, also compromised in the initial accident.

Over time, this team approach helped him to heal physically, spiritually and emotionally.

As he improved physically and mentally, his quality of life improved. He started a garden in his neighborhood using traditional farming techniques from his native country as a means to cope with his depressive symptoms. This also became a way for him to raise money to help his family while also providing a way for neighbors to obtain fresh produce, which can be difficult in a low income environment. Paralleling his physical and mental journey to wellness was a spiritual healing process. Gradually he began to regularly participate in religious services, eventually strengthening his faith. He states “just when you think God has abandoned you, that He isn’t listening to you, there He is”.

Three years after the accident, Juan has benefits and he is able to move on. He credits CrossOver with being the safety net that saved him from falling through the cracks and being forgotten.


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