With a little help from a friend — Leticia and Lusza

Last Spring CrossOver began a new program pairing patients struggling with diabetes and health coaches from our Lay Health Promotor program and its sister program Promotores de Salud. Graduates of this ten week educational program, share the health knowledge with others in the community to gain a better understand healthy living.

Leticia was one of the patients matched with a Coach/Mentor to help her navigate the journey of living with diabetes. When she came into the program, Leticia’s disease was out of control and she was experiencing other physical issues that were frustrating her. Her A1C, a test that measures the amount of sugar in the blood stream, was a 14, double the normal reading of 7 or lower.

As she spent time on the phone with her coach, Luzsa, Leticia learned more about what the effects of her disease were, what would happen if she didn’t take her medicine regularly, how to eat food that best fits her needs, and how to keep a positive attitude.

Several times throughout the past year, the entire class of coaches and patients came together to share a healthy meal and learn how to cook diabetic friendly meals at home.

Through coaching and lots of hard work on her part Leticia has lowered her A1C number 6.8. Leticia is thrilled with what she has been able to accomplish and to lose weight. Leticia also joined the latest Promotores de Salud class so that she can pay it forward by helping others.

Leticia has proven that with hard work and a little guidance it is possible to change your life!

Leticia and Luzsa

Leticia (right) with her diabetes wellness coach, Luzsa (left) at the Diabetes Wellness Christmas party.

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