Providing Hope & Healing through Dentistry

If you’ve ever had a bad tooth ache you know how painful it can be. You might be afraid of a trip to the dentist, but you’d be incredibly thankful to have the problem taken care of. Now imagine if you didn’t have access to a dentist or proper dental care. Your one tooth might turn into three bad teeth and then more teeth are affected. As your teeth get worse, you stop smiling due to embarrassment. You have to give up certain foods because they are just too painful to eat and then are left wondering, where will I turn for help?

This is the harsh reality for many of our patients, like Anya. For some, who have rarely, if ever, seen a dentist before, there is no solution other than a whole new set of teeth. Anya had stopped smiling all together because of her teeth. Her embarrassment over her teeth was affecting her job, friendships and even her relationship with her husband.

This is where our amazing volunteer and partner dentists come in!

Since 2011 CrossOver has been providing dentures to our patients. Dr. Rod Murchie, a long time CrossOver volunteer, took on the task of shaping and fitting denture templates to provide custom sets of dentures for our patients. Recently, his son and fellow dentist, Peter, began seeing our patients in his office through our dental referral program.

Touched by the extreme needs of our many patients, Peter was moved to do more. He recently donated two new denture templates which his father can now use to craft into the perfect dentures for patients desperately in need. Thank you to both Dr. Murchie’s for helping to fill such a crucial need for our patients!


CrossOver patient Anya after receiving her dentures.

Dr. Murchie

Dr. Rod Murchie takes stock a denture template and fits them to each individual patient.


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