Social Work

At CrossOver we know that healthcare means more than simply tending to medical needs. Overall quality of life can have major impacts on a person’s ability to stay healthy.

Due to their economic status, patients who seek our services tend to have difficulty with affordable housing, food insecurity, unemployment or underemployment, and legal issues, as well as understanding how to navigate a variety of government systems.

Recognizing this need, CrossOver launched our Social Work Program in 2012 with one full time social worker and a handful of interns. It was soon clear that the need for these services were greater than our capacity. Last year, with help from The Robins Foundation we were able to bring on additional staff and create new programs.

At CrossOver that means working with other CrossOver programs and community partners to connect our patients to the outside services they need, as well as empowering patients to address the challenges in their own lives.

Here are just a few examples:

  • After being connected to a local food pantry, one of our diabetic patients now has regular access to healthy meals, which allows him to better follow the treatment plan recommended by his doctor at Crossover.
  • A single mother who recently lost her job is referred to a local job counseling service and is soon employed full-time.
  • A patient, who was homeless for years despite working two part-time jobs, is connected to a housing organization and is handed the keys to his own apartment.

Issues like those above can have a profound effect on a person’s ability to regain or maintain their health. By working to treat the whole person we are able to restore hope and health in a profound way.


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