Compassionate Care Awards

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Compassionate Care Awards 2020: For Such a Time as This

October 1, 2020, 7 p.m.

We enjoyed such a lovely celebration at our Compassionate Care Awards 2020: For Such a Time as This! To view videos from the evening, click here.
During the course of the evening, we celebrated the ways CrossOver’s past has prepared us for the moment in which we find ourselves. We illumined the ways the present reality of COVID-19 has affirmed, strengthened, and deepened our mission. And with your help, we responded to the needs of the future that, even now, is visible on the horizon, in which more people than ever before will need CrossOver’s services.
Many thanks to our special guest speaker Dr. Danny Avula, director of the Richmond City and Henrico County Health Departments, who spoke about COVID-19 and its impacts in our community. We also heard from former CCAs honorees about how CrossOver has continued to matter in their lives. And we learned about how CrossOver has responded to the pandemic and how this crucial work has helped us to understand the needs of our neighbors and the ways we feel called to address those needs. Please watch our videos for more.

Thank you to our 2020 Compassionate Care Awards sponsors!



Robert and Katherine Cox

Aggie and Richard Cullen



Don and Pat Seitz


Betsy and Jim Beamer

Judy Collins and Joseph M. Teefey

Faye and Cullen Rivers

Richard and Mimi Bennett

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Mitchell

Pat Robertson

Drs. Gigi and Mark deBlois

Helen and Chip Nunley

Ken and Marilyn Wayland,
Free Agents Marketing


Atlantic Union Bank


Rod and Jann Murchie

Elaine and Scott Cox

Andy Burgess

James River Wealth Advisors

Leo H. Ross

Stephanie and Richard Sowers

Janine Collins and Tredway Spratley

Mitchell Endoscopy Center

RTK Family Capital, LLC


Wilma and Bob Andrews

Melissa and Tim Carpenter

Carol Hampton and Bob Downs

Cheryl Murphy and Brian Pacious

Puritan Cleaners

Judy and David Skove

Janet and Richard Wills

Whit Baldwin, HeloAir

Comfort Keepers

John Ivins

Karen and James Murphy

Linda and David Rose

Pat and Bruce Tyler

Kitty and Gary Witthoefft

Anne and Bill Burch

Katherine and James Dageforde

Michael Matthews

Dr. Gordon Prior

Catherine Roussos

Margaret and John Whitlock 


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