Electronic Health Records: eClinicalWorks Training Materials


You’ve reached the Electronic Health Records (EHR) training page. On this page you will find useful videos and guides on how to use the EHR (eClinicalWorks) at CrossOver Healthcare Ministry.

These videos are intended for review and do not take the place of a scheduled training at CrossOver. In order to volunteer at CrossOver, you must first attend orientation and then receive EHR training through a scheduled process. If you are a prospective volunteer, please visit our “Become a Volunteer page.”

In addition to the videos below we have two training manuals available:

Clinician EHR Training Video (FULL VIDEO)

The Clinician EHR Training Video is for CrossOver Healthcare Ministry volunteer clinicians, scribes, and medical residents. This video goes through one full primary care appointment at CrossOver, from the beginning of the visit to locking the note at the end.

Mini Videos: Clinicians, Scribes, and Medical Residents

The full-length video is broken down into mini videos here for quick access to the sections you most need to review.

Office Visit Screen, Prepping for Patient, and Test Results:

This video reviews the layout of the office visit screen including how to view your schedule for the day, how to tell if a patient is checked in or out, and the stages of the patient appointment. It also reviews how to read through past appointments and how to find test results.

Progress Note Navigation:

This video reviews how to check Encounters (appointment listing), Lab orders and results, DI (Diagnostic Imaging) orders and results, Patient Docs (scanned documents).


The HPI section is a place to type up the patient’s story. This video reviews how to input notes into the HPI mini templates and goes over the difference between free-texting and answering structured data questions.


The Examination section is where clinical observations are recorded. This video reviews how to input observations into the Examination section and how to use the shortcut arrows.


The Assessment section is where ICD-10 codes are input into the note. This video reviews how to pull up existing or previous ICD-10 codes as well as how to add new ICD-10 codes/diagnoses to a Progress Note.


This video reviews where to record the treatment plan(s) for each diagnosis/ICD-10 code.


This video goes over the 3 scenarios of medication ordering: ordering a new medication, ordering a refill, and titrating medication. It also reviews e-prescribing (sending orders electronically to the pharmacy).

Medication Resources:

This video reviews GoodRx and the CrossOver Pharmacy Formulary. These are useful tools to use when ordering medication. These resources can be accessed by clicking on Internet Explorer from any CrossOver computer.


This video reviews how to place lab orders.

DI (Diagnostic Imaging):

This video reviews how to place Diagnostic Imaging orders.

X-Ray Order Form:

This video reviews how and when to use the paper x-ray order form.


This video reviews how to place a referral in eCW. It also goes over the CrossOver In-House and Outside Referral Availability, which shows which specialties are available at CrossOver.

Check-Out Sheet:

This video reviews how use the check-out sheet, which includes marking follow-up appointments, lab visits, nurse visits, and referrals.


This video reviews how to order an immunization in the Progress Note.

Next Appointment:

This video reviews where to indicate in the EHR when you would like to see the patient back for a follow-up appointment. This is also where the scribe signature goes.

Locking the Note:

This video reviews how to lock the progress note. Only clinicians may lock Progress Notes. Scribes may NOT lock notes.


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