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Julie Bilodeau

Julie Bilodeau

Chief Executive Officer

Julie Bilodeau joined CrossOver Health Care Ministry in 2003 after working for over 10 years at Circuit City Stores. During this period, CrossOver has opened a clinic on Quioccasin Road in Henrico County, established an in-house licensed pharmacy, and has implemented electronic health records. Ms. Bilodeau has a Bachelors in Economics from the College of William and Mary and an MBA from the Darden School of Business. She is a member of the LMR class of 2012 and serves on the Income Action Council at United Way of Greater Richmond.

Email: jbilodeau@crossoverministry.org
Phone: (804) 655.2794, ext. 114

Mike Murchie, M.D.

Mike Murchie, M.D.

Medical Director

Dr. Murchie joined CrossOver Healthcare Ministry’s staff as the Assistant Medical Director in July of 2008 and later become CrossOver’s sole Medical Director. In this role, Dr. Murchie provides primary care services to Richmond’s low-income, uninsured residents. Dr. Murchie received his B.S. in Biology with a Minor in Religion from Grove City College in Grove City, Pennsylvania. He received his M.D. in 2005 from the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond, Virginia, and received his Board Certification in Internal Medicine in 2008.

Dr. Murchie and his wife Missy have four children and are active members of Third Church.

Email: mmurchie@crossoverministry.org
Phone: (804) 622.0803


Amy Capistran

Communications Coordinator

Email: acapistran@crossoverministry.org
Phone: (804) 655.2794, ext. 106

Millie Rocha

Administrative Coordinator

Email: mrocha@crossoverministry.org
Phone: (804) 655.2794, ext. 118

Corliss Hamilton

Major Gifts Coordinator

Email: chamilton@crossoverministry.org
Phone: (804) 655.2794, ext. 117

Molly Smith

Volunteer Program Manager

Email: msmith@crossoverministry.org
Phone: (804) 655.2794, ext. 107

Sarah Labriny

EHR Coordinator

Email: slabriny@crossoverministry.org
Phone: (804)

Alexandra Witt

Grants Coordinator

Email: awitt@crossoverministry.org
Phone: (804) 655.2794, ext. 103

Lynn Williams

Development Manager

Email: lwilliams@crossoverministry.org
Phone: (804) 655.2794, ext. 102

Martin Zanin

Outcomes Coordinator

Email: mzanin@crossoverministry.org
Phone: (804) 655.2794, ext. 107

Health Center

Ede Bahia

Intake Coordinator

Email: ebahia@crossoverministry.org
Phone: (804) 422.2600, ext. 114

Nicole Blackwell

Pharmacy Technician

Email: nblackwell@crossoverministry.org
Phone: (804) 233.5016, ext. 126

Karen Bosley

Vision Coordinator

Email: kbosley@crossoverministry.org
Phone: (804) 422.2600, ext. 113

Vivian Bruzzese, MD

Director of HIV Programs

Paige Chicklo


Email: pchicklo@crossoverministry.org

Charleen de la Flor

Pharmacy Technician

Email: cdelaflor@crossoverministry.org
Phone: (804) 233.5016, ext. 112

Abby Dini, MSW

Social Work Program Coordinator

Email: adini@crossoverministry.org
Phone: (804) 233.5016, ext. 106

Millie Flinn

TIPS Medical Case Manager

Email: mflinn@crossoverministry.org
Phone: (804) 233.5016, ext. 129

Teresa Gonzalez

Henrico Clinic Manager

Email: tgonzalez@crossoverministry.org
Phone: (804) 622-0803, ext. 134

Kelly Grzech

Bilingual Patient Advocate

Email: kgrzech@crossoverministry.org

Renee Hammel

Nurse Practitioner

Email: rhammel@crossoverministry.org

Angelica Harper

Nurse Practitioner

Email: aharper@crossoverministry.org

Maegan Hilliard

Bilingual Dental Assistant

Email: mhilliard@crossoverministry.org

Ismael Leon


Email: ileon@crossoverministry.org

Rafy Luqa

Medications Program Manager

Email: rluqa@crossoverministry.org
Phone: (804) 233.5016, ext. 135

Diana Marzouk

Clinical Coordinator

Email: dmarzouk@crossoverministry.org

Phone: (804) 622.0803, ext. 102

Gina Medina

Bilingual Patient Advocate

Email: gmedina@crossoverministry.org
Phone: (804) 233.5016 Ext.104

Marsha Miller, RN


Email: mmiller@crossoverministry.org

Glenda Paz

Vision Technician

Email: gpaz@crossoverministry.org

Monique Ramos

Clinical Coordinator

Email: mramos@crossoverministry.org

Tim Reddish. MSW

Social Worker

Email: treddish@crossoverministry.org
Phone: (804) 422.2600, ext. 129

Kerri Reed

Senior Programs Manager, Dental/Vision

Email: kreed@crossoverministry.org
Phone: (804) 233.5016, ext. 127

Jocelyn Reyes


Email: jreyes@crossoverministry.org

Tom Sakach, RN

Registered Nurse

Email: tsakach@crossoverministry.org
Phone: (804) 233.5016, ext. 130

Martha Santacoloma

OB Coordinator

Email: msantacoloma@crossoverministry.org
Phone: (804) 564-1348

Eleanor Sanchez

Richmond Clinic Manager

Email: esanchez@crossoverministry.org
Phone: (804) 233.5016, ext. 125

Sarah Snead

Bilingual Patient Advocate

Email: ssnead@crossoverministry.org

Katie St. Germain, FNP

Nurse Practitioner

Email: kstgermain@crossoverministry.org

Schliqua Thompson, LPC

Counseling Coordinator

Email: sthompson@crossoverministry.org

Leo Ulashkin

Medications Associate

Email: lulashkin@crossoverministry.org
Phone: (804) 233.5016, ext. 111

Gay White, MD


Email: gwhite@crossoverministry.org

Health Education

Karen Bunn

Hispanic Health Education Coordinator

Email: kbunn@crossoverministry.org
Phone: (804) 422.2600, ext. 131

Marilyn Metzler, RN

Director of Health Education

Email: lhp@crossoverministry.org
Phone: (804) 422.2600, ext. 130


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Both CrossOver Healthcare Ministry clinics have received certification by the National Committee for Quality Assurance. NCQA recognition signifies that CrossOver is "patient-centered" and offers a true medical home for our patients.

CrossOver Healthcare Ministry

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