Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.       Why is CrossOver Health Care Center necessary? Don't poor people just go on  Medicaid?

Virginia has some of the strictest Medicaid laws in the country leaving a large number of residents uninsured.  Only a person over 18 who is pregnant or recently  pregnant,  blind or disabled, or the parent or caretaker of a minor child can qualify.  For more information, click here.

2.     Why should I donate?  Don't you receive government funds?

          CrossOver is solely dependent upon the generosity of philanthropic community supporters. 

We receive no direct federal funding and do not accept Medicaid or any other type of insurance.

3.    Who are CrossOver's patients?  Why should I care?

The overwhelming  majority of people seen at CrossOver are the working poor--people who work in supermarkets, gas stations, big box stores--who are employed but don't  have enough money to pay for necessary health care.  When they become sick, they often must miss work forfeiting pay, thereby reducing their income.

4.      How can I help?

         You can help by giving in a variety of ways:

Monetary gifts are always welcome because we receive no federal funding; we are solely dependent upon our generous supporters to enable us to provide compassionate health care.  Ninety three cents ($0.93) out of every dollar goes directly to patient care.  Cash, check, credit cards and gifts of stock are commonly accepted and can be made online through this website (through the "Give Now" tab) or sent to 8600 Quioccasin Road, Suite 102, Richmond, VA 23229.  We also accept gifts of medical and dental equipment.

Volunteers are critical to CrossOver as we depend on them for providing over 60% of services.  Whether you have clinical or administrative skills, can serve as a translator or enjoy planning events, there is a place for you.  Please see the "Volunteer" section on the website for more information.

5.      Do patients have to qualify in order to be seen at CrossOver?

         Yes. We see patients who are at or below 200% of the federal poverty line. 

Income Chart, Eligibility Forms  and Policies are in the "Patient Info" section

6.      What are your hours?

Hours of operation for each clinic are listed in the "Locations" section under the "Contact Us" tab.

7.       How will health care reform impact CrossOver?  Will you go out of business?

CrossOver supports access to quality healthcare for all.  We are closely following the implementation of the Affordable Health Care for America act.  We believe that even with   the reform in the health care system, there will be a number of people who fall through the cracks.  As a safety net, we are committed to providing care for precisely those people. For an in-depth look at the health care reform, visit the Kaiser Family Foundation Health Reform source.

For articles on health care policy and other health related articles from news sources around the country, look for "Health Related Articles" under the News & Events tab on this site.




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